Monday, December 19, 2005

El Serpentario de la Paz

This guy is a Rhinoceros Iguana. He was very busy climbing around his cage and giving us quite a show. I thought he liked me and Mark pointed out he was probably just hungry.

This Iguana was a beautiful orange color.
I hope to see them in the wild once we get to the jungle.

This one was a Beaded Lizard from Africa. I swear he posed once he
saw my camera.

The Serpentario in La Paz was really quite a nice place. After a really dusty and hot bike ride we were delighted to finally find this little gem. The Serpentario had almost 100 different species of reptiles and other miscellaneous critters. What you are not seeing is pictures of the huge scorpions, tarantulas or huge snakes. Mark commented that he had never seen such active snakes in a zoo before. I think they must sedate them in the US because here in La Paz we had a rattlesnake puff up and rattle at us. He was really irritated to be seen. The other hostile critter was a pale green cobra who was poised for striking (of course Mark was tapping the glass) Anyway the sign above the cobra said that over 8000 people die in India every year from their venom. After all this I was pretty glad to be back outside feeding the turtles.
More soon......Liz

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