Wednesday, July 26, 2006


On of the highlights of June was our stop in Tamarindo. Not the greatest anchorage. (Above shows a picture of Mark surfing his kayak in to the beach). The waves were crashers making it untenable for our outboard, let alone dinghy to come to shore. So we lived in bathing suits because a wet bum in inevitable when you have to surf in on kayaks. But I was talking about the good part. Our friend Cyndi lives there and owns her own art gallery called Mar y Sol. Cyndi is a friend of ours who we last saw over a year ago when we were rafting thru the Grand Canyon. She joined us for two weeks of the trip and at that time we told her someday soon we would be parked with Scholarship outside her door in Costa Rica. Well we made it to Tamarindo so we kept our promise. We had a great two days hanging out and we finally got to meet her beloved pup Lucy. Below is a picture of Cyndi and Lucy in her gallery in Tamarindo.

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Anonymous said...

Mark and Liz I am getting away. Where will you be last week of August. I am itching to dive so let me know where you will be. I am coming solo, leaving the mutt and man behind so they can bond in this god forsaken heat and humidity
Call soon or I am booking to the caribbean