Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lago de Titicaca

A short bus ride (and this a relative term on this trip of many buses) from Cusco and we gained two thousand feet at the shore of Lake Titicaca (12,000 ft.) the largest navigable lake in the world. We arrived in Puno, Peru on the shores with the intention of seeing the lake and then moving on to Chile so we booked a tour and the next morning we were picked up at 6:30am and boarded the deluxe boat. The picture above shows Mark posing on the deluxe boat! Our first stop was to two of the fascinating floating islands. There are several islands about 5 miles into the lake that are made entirely by reeds that grow in there. In fact evenything is made of these reeds, from the huts the people live in to the boats they use to get from island to island. I especially liked the heads on these boats. Walking on the island feels like you are sinking and I am sure this happens as these reeds have to be replaced regularly because they rot away. A very interesting place indeed. Also did I mention the cold? Its 12,000 ft and about 30 degrees fahrenheit at night. We are talking gloves, hats, scarves, any layer I have. Mark is still wearing shorts. The next part of the day was a two hour boat ride to the Isla Taquille a rather large island. Isla Taquille is not made of reeds and it is quite a beautiful place. Covered in olive groves it affords lovely views of Titicaca and above is the money shot of us standing in the famous arch. Okay must end here. Next blog...Cannot believe we made it all the way to Chile. Are we lucky or what?
XO Liz


screaming girl said...

Your adventures leave me speechless! We went to a park near Lake Calhoun today. Big Time! Julian climbed a tree. While Jeff and I are not as adventurous as you, I think Julian may be on a similar journey. Everyday this is another mountain to climb and new land to explore. I am merely the photographer!

Anonymous said...

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