Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!

The beach at Isla Espiritu Santo

Happy Holidays from the Las Perlas islands. We are lucky enough to have just spent almost two weeks exploring this amazing part of Panama. With our good friends on Creola we have had yummy holiday feasts and even a new years eve game of bocce ball. We have spent most of our time in the 80 degree water and we have the pruney skin to prove it. We are currently enroute to Panama City to do some provisioning and get the bottom of Scholarship painted.
Hope you all had happy holidays and we wish you all the best in the new year. Liz & Mark

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skip said...

I made several attempts to comment but google wouldn't recognize me. Next I tried to e-mail you but that bounced. I decided to study the instructions more carefully and hope that I have things right this time.
Your photos and narratives are wonderful and it gives me a feeling of vicarious delight to look on as the two of you generously share your great adventure with everybody. In spite of the occasional stress you both look contented and relaxed and what more can one ask of life.
There is one photo of Mark reclining that reminds me of Vincent exept that Vincent would only look that relaxed if he were in Coronado inlet not miles out in the Pacific.
I know you are enjoying yourselves and can only urge you to keep having fun.

Love, Skip