Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Adios Panama

After two great months in Panama it was time to head south back to Ecuador. We had made plans to meet up with friends in early March so off we went with our temporary crew member Ross for one more week in the Perlas Islands and a wonderful 4.5 day passage to Ecuador. Having crew turned out well for our passage as it afforded Mark and I a bit more sleep and Ross himself provided us with plenty of comic relief. Below, a few pictures of one last Panama party on Scholarship. Also Ross dressed in a wig for his first maritime equator crossing. Traditon calls for hazing for new crew. Because of our tiredness after 4 days at sea Ross got off easy.

Pat, Bobby, Mark, Suzie and Ross a few days before departure

Barbara, Joanie, Jerry and Carrie aboard Scholarship

Mark & Ross out for a spin at Isla Pedro Gonzalez in the Perlas

Yes Mom, that is your wig!

Ross checking out the view from the mast

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Cindy said...

I'm glad my wig had the opportunity to cross the Equator--I'm sure it never had that much fun when I wore it!! Great photos, as always. Miss you lots, YLM