Thursday, August 23, 2007

Visitors in the Society Islands

After departing Moorea we did a short over-nighter to the island of Huahine. Huahine is a large but not overly populated island west of Tahiti. We met up with friends and spent a week in a calm anchorage waiting for the winds to die down a bit before we headed across to Raiatea. As I said in my last blog we were on our way to meet my Mom and her friend who were flying in all the way from Wisconsin just to see us. Oh and I have a suspicion they wanted to see French Polynesia too.
We arrived on a Monday and got settled on a mooring at the Apooiti Marina. We rode our bikes in to town and past the airport which was surprisingly close to Scholarship. What we really got excited about was the airport had a dinghy dock. When was the last time you went to the airport on a boat? After buying more french cheese and fresh red tuna for dinner we set out in the dinghy to pick up our guests. After a some tearful hellos we escorted our guests to the dingy and took them home via a little canal that went close to the marina. My Mom and Sharon were exhausted from traveling but managed to stay up late anyway to enjoy our welcome dinner. The next day we set off for a little more shopping and sightseeing in the town of Utoroa before we got back on board and cast off our mooring. That afternoon we set sail for the small island of Tahaa just a few miles to the north. On the way to Haamene Bay we stopped and did a bit of snorkeling off the reef before we tucked Scholarship in for the night. That night, on the recommendation of a friend we giggled and smiled and had the most sumptuous French meal at the Tahaa Maitai. The best one I have had in months? Years? After creme brulee and the girls kissing the cook we were back home and off to dreamland. The next day we finished our circumnavigation of Tahaa and anchored on the southwest side poised to pull anchor the next morning and set sail for Bora Bora. The girls were as excited as we were to reach this dream destination. After a few hours motor sail we reached the entrance to the lagoon and the allure of the dramatic mountain and lush greenery captivated us at once. We passed the little village of Vaitape and anchored in front of the famed Bloody Mary's. Mark jumped in the dingy at once to ensure reservations at this party spot and in a few hours we were inside with our feet in the sand looking for celebrities. This night was another fantastic meal, new t-shirts and lots of people watching ( no celebrities but plenty of honeymooners). The girls were moving out the next day. Sad for me but happy for them as they were checking into their first Polynesian over-water bungalow. They had endured the bunk beds and pump toilets with a brave face but I knew they were ready. Located on it's own motu, their room was fabulous. Complete with a huge patio and even a glass panel in the floor for fish watching at night. What a treat it was. I took a 45 minute shower and we had all the ice we could dream of. Funny what luxuries for me have become. After one more excellent dinner (are you sensing a pattern here) my Mom and Sharon we already on their way. It sounds quick I know. It was, but I was so grateful to have them here for five days, even if I wished for more. So thank you both for coming and for all the stuff you hauled thousands of miles and for all those yummy dinners. The pictures will speak for themselves. Lots of happy faces!

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Hi Mark,
Perhaps we could hook up over the Christmas holiday, depending on where you might be at that time.
Hope you're both well.