Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Last Sunday we were coming home from the market and noticed a bunch of cars pulled over just outside of our marina. People were obviously gawking at something spectacular. Orcas! Killer Whales!! It was so cool. Just outside of the marina breakwater, right in our backyard was a pod of orcas. Tauranga harbor is very long but has a small opening. They must have chased something yummy in to come all the way in here. We spent an hour in the freezing cold watching for them as they cruised around the harbor. My photos look like well, water so I cheated with this one from the Internet. You get the idea anyway. Save the Whales


Kari said...

I bet that was so cool to see! I love how you improvised with your internet Orca photos. That is something I would do. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hello from The THompsons
Long time no hear from, looks
like your having fun, oh what a surprise!!
We miss you,
Love Shawna, John, Margaret Anne and General