Friday, January 16, 2009

Windy in Welly

When we first arrived in New Zealand we had planned on living in Wellington. A very cosmopolitan city at the bottom of the world, Welly has a lot to offer. Great and diverse restaurants, old bookshops galore, hiking and gorgeous water views. When we would tell Kiwis that we were moving to Welly they would instantly get a tortured look on their face and say , "do you know it's really windy there?" Well we ended up staying up north in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. The name says it all, and we have plenty of wind here as well.
Back to Wellington. The wind blew the whole time, but at least it was a warm wind this time of year. Not a place for long flowing hair of short skirts. Accompanied by Mark's sister Brenda ,we spent two nights in a adorable holiday cottage right in the middle of the city hubbub. Welly is a very compact city made for walking or biking (when the wind isn't blowing too hard). We were able to hike up to Mount Victoria right from our backyard and even visited the Te Papa which is Wellington's prized museum. A fantastic place full of the art, science and history of New Zealand. Get this, it was even free. Next stop...South Island !
Mark and Brenda mixin' it up in the kitchen A view of Mount Victoria Me swinging with Welly in the background

Mark doing the old "head in cannon" trick at Mt. Victoria lookout

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