Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Island Life

We spent a total of seven days at wonderful and remote Stewart Island. Besides hiking and birdwatching, we also had the opportunity to take several boat rides while were on the island. One day it was over to nearby Ulva Island. The next it was a historical tour where we covered several coves searching for penguins and other sea birds.

Waiting for the water taxi on a rainy Stewart Island day
An afternoon guest Searching for penguins Our day at Ulva Island Becky checks for rats and seeds on the island :) A fine ale in the island pub Fresh Stewart island oysters Our tiny plane home from Auckland

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heather said...

mark with that strong drinking bi cep and tweed cap you look ready for life in ireland.liz your so cute, i love the photos of plant life and the one of ou on swing with ship in backdrop.