Monday, May 25, 2009

New Adventures

As I write this blog we are just days away from sailing to Fiji. This latest blog will celebrate two new adventures. One is the wedding of my brother Matt to his wife Phronsie. Below are many beautiful photos of their amazing wedding that took place in Santa Barbara, CA last week. The photos speak for themselves. It was a blessed day with all our wonderful family and friends. The newlyweds are honeymooning in Fiji as we speak. We told them to save some Fiji for us.
The Other adventure is getting Scholarship back out on the road so to speak. After 1.5 years in New Zealand working and living we are ready for cruising life again. The trip to Fiji is about 1200 miles and will take us anywhere between 8-10 days. We hope to arrive to warm weather (40 degrees in NZ today) We look forward to sharing it with you. Liz & Mark
Here comes the bride...... Married!
Mark and I had such a great time
So cute!
Dave, me, Phronsie, Matt and Mom
Matt and Phronsie cut the cake with lots of help
Dad and Sue enjoying dinner
And they danced....
And then so did everyone else...

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Prima did we have fun or what?