Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Giving Thanks on the Road

A few days before Thanksgiving we loaded up our new Van-essa and hit the open road. Since Queensland was a sweltering 38 degrees Celsius, it was time to head south in search of cooler climates. Our first few nights we headed to the mountains for some (sort of) cool weather camping. At Tambourine Mountain, we had our first glimpse of all the amazing and numerous birds that Oz has on offer. The warbles and giggles of the parrots and the kookaburra were truly a cacophony. After a few nights in the woods and our first encounter with a very large snake we headed to the coast and camped for two night at place called Woody Head. It was there we realized it was soon Thanksgiving. Mark was undaunted by the fact that we were camping, so on our tiny one pot camp stove we made turkey and all the trimmings. We have plenty to be thankful for!

Mark and friend a few days before Thanksgiving We did not camp here!According to the locals black snakes are bad newsOur first night out in birdland
Turkey Day jump shot Our camping turkey dinner

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tmayole1 said...

Gee, Marco, don't have too much fun while you are away LOL

Great pictures, love the water and kaolas, so cute. Looks like Liz got it from the crustacean!!! After all she has gone through, it comes down to a huge lobster....