Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains has millions of acres of eucalyptus trees.  Because of all the oil from the trees, a blue hue is cast throughout the forest giving the mountains their name.  The Blue Mountains are a special place in the world and one of my favorites.  Ten years ago I traveled to Australia and spent several days in Katoomba, the hub of the Blue Mountains.  We hiked and hiked, and enjoyed the cool air and the relaxed vibe of the area.  Ten years later I was so excited to bring Mark here.  I hoped the Blue Mountains were still as magical the second time around and they were.  We enjoyed the cool air at night and we had a great time meeting people from all over the world in the Blue Mountain Lodge.  I hope we can make it back before our time in Australia is up.


azbob said...

What great pictures, a lot of the shots look like the Southwest part of the US like Utah and parts of AZ. Glad to see you're haveing fun. It's raining like crazy here in Cave Creek and snowing (40") in Flag

Anonymous said...

i will be in phoenix this week working on a new menopause product (yawn!!). thought i'd check to see if you guys were back stateside yet. how much fun can a couple have? australia looks gorgeous. keep on truckin' love judith (wright) p.s. orphea off to boulder to study psychology next school year. cella still sweet as ever. brendan still master of 1261

young.beach said...

Hi Mark Dudley here, went into gentle dental for the annual and was advised that you were over in Aust doing your thing there (That was not you that hit the Great Barrier Reef was it ? Sorry I believe it was a different race all together. Still pulling the odd snapper in. Trust you are having a great voyage. All the best