Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mark's sister Brenda was our first visitor since our arrival in Australia.  Until recently she had been teaching in Malaysia.  Since she was between jobs, (she has accepted a job on the Ivory Coast in Africa) she decided it was time for an adventure and some dental work. Yes family receives a significant discount!  Brenda spent two weeks with us and in that time we managed to show her a bit of Queensland, as well as a trip to the northern part of New South Wales.  We hiked the National Park at Noosa to find a koala bear in the wild.  Then the following weekend we stayed in Byron Bay, a bustling surf town with a hippie vibe.  We even managed to take in some culture at the local Queensland Performing Arts Center.  Below are a few pictures from our time together.  You will notice Brenda in a  fancy jumpsuit.  It seems she is working on her "bucket list" as one Sunday morning Mark and I watched her fall from the sky. Check!

Beautiful Byron Bay

Cape Byron


Angela said...

Mark and Liz! It was so great to hear from you - I have wondered about Scholarship and if you were still in I see you have had a wonderful journey to Australia. Now that I have your blog address again I will keep up with your adventures. We are quite the land lubbers these days (we decided to live permanently in the tropics!) with a home and our little Owen, so we must live vicariously through you.
Take care!
Angie and Ciel

young.beach said...

Hi Mark trust you are doing some good fishing on your trip around Australia. Oops sorry do they have any good fish over there apart from prawns and Morton Bay Bugs??. Looks as though you are having a great trip. Dudley Waihi Beach