Thursday, April 19, 2012

Capricorn Coast

We set out of Pancake Creek early in the morning to head north to the Capricorn Coast.   After two sailing days which included one teething baby and one very rolly anchorage we arrived at the lovely Great Keppel Island.  We were not sure was a Keppel was but nevertheless we tucked in on the north side of the island in fifteen feet of turquoise water.  This was our first peek in a long time at gorgeous white sand beaches and clear water.  Great Keppel was a perfect place to stretch our legs after several days on board.   The island is covered with trails, all indicated by lovely hand-made markers.  We even got to try out Dylan’s “Queen of Sheba” back pack . Our little sailor was so comfortable that she was sleeping soundly with her little legs dangling by the end of the afternoon.    

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sugarpuffish said...

Dylan looks so cute in her life jacket, safe travels - sarah x