Sunday, October 28, 2012

Keep a Watch On Deck

another behemoth ship
DC gets ready for some pool time at Raffles Marina
The Raffles Marina brochure reminds you to keep a watch on deck while in Singapore waters.  As the busiest port in the world, there is said to be a huge tanker every twelve minutes.   If you ask Mark he might say there are more.  It was a hectic trip but we made good time. We arrived four days ago after a thirty-nine mile jaunt from Nongsa Point Marina on the island of Batam at the tippy-top of Indonesia.  We spent a week at Nongsa Point fixing our steering which we found out wasn't a steering issue, but an auto-pilot one and relaxing by the pool.  We find ourselves in Singapore for two weeks of sightseeing and draining the cruising kitty.  Man it's expensive here. This is saying something after having just spent two plus year in exorbitant Oz.  But with the philosophy of, "hey when are we gonna be in Singapore again?",we are having a great time! 
the Raffles Marina pool did not disappoint

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Dale said...

I've spent my time dodging large ships and it's always a little thrilling...and scary! Loving your adventures. I have built an online library of marina maps/slip diagrams to help sailors navigate unfamiliar marinas and would love to get a copy of any marina maps that you'd like to share. Google earth/maps doesn't have the details I'm looking for e.g. row and slip numbers, etc. If you'd like to contribute any marina maps you have you could send them to me at Also I added your blog to my link-list of active cruisers. Fair winds! Oh, and you can access the library yourself at, click on Marina Maps (top left)