Wednesday, September 20, 2006


August and September have been extremely busy months for us. After we arrived in Ecuador we spent a few weeks getting settled and getting the engine repaired before we took our first long bus ride to Quito. After 9 hours on a bus (this time included climbing out of the bus window because the driver went in a ditch on a cliff) we arrived in the seedy Quito bus terminal at night, just in time to catch our next bus to Otavalo. Luckily after this long day we had reservation at a cute hotel with a very zen room (just a bed) and a bano social. Otavalo is a beautiful city and is best know for it huge Saturday market. You can buy everything here from Alpaca sweaters to Guinea pigs (for eating). We walked and walked and I shopped for days. At night, along with our friends from s/v Moonsong, we enjoyed the local folklorico music. More details later but here are a few pictures of our trip to Otavalo.

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Helen Amanda Fricker said...

Busy huh? Interesting interpretation!
The Frickers