Saturday, October 07, 2006

Where Did September Go?

Seriously unless you are in my immediate family or one of the many people I visited while home this blog will seem uneventful. I left Mark in Ecuador for almost three weeks while I did a whirlwind tour of Wisconson, Minnesota and Phoenix. After living in such a small town it was a bit overwhleming at first, but I got right back into the swing of things and did lots of shopping and eating and general celebrating life during my visit. What was Mark doing you may ask? Well when we parted company in Quito he was on his way to Cotopaxi Volcano (18,000 ft. or so) to do some climbing. After that he made his way back to Bahia where Scholarship currently lives and did projects. I can say that it took him at least and hour to show me all he accomplished while I was at home. Don´t feel sorry for him though, I brought him 100 lbs worth of boat parts and pressies from the US. I know it was exactly 100 because I was still reshifting my baggage at Delta check in because that it the max they allow. Anyway it´s wonderful to be back home on Scholarship and Mark and I are leaving in the manana for a month long trip to Peru and perhaps Chile if we don´t get sick of strange beds too soon. Oh and I just got my first third world shot for yellow fever and Mark was filming..what gripping footage. Hasta Luego for now. Enjoy the pictures. You know who you are..... More photos in the next entry.

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Roger Curley said...

HI Mark & Liz! Wow, looks like you're having a cruiser's ball:-) It's that time of the year again & another batch of Ventura cruisers are heading your way, while we toil endlessly to follow your wake next year. It's great to see our sister ship out there & havin' fun:-) Perhaps we'll cross paths & it would be a great day to toast one of those gorgous sunsets together.
Fair winds!
Roger, Bobbie & little master Robin.