Friday, October 13, 2006

Bahia & Miguelito

I arrived back in Ecuador on September 26th and about a week later Mark and I were on the road once again this time to Peru. We did however have time in Bahia for me to get unpacked, host a really fun dinner party, do some walking and biking on the beach and see the famous Miguelito. Miguelito is a 100-year-old Galapagos turtle who lives at the local elementary school in Bahia de Caraquez (in case you haven´t been keeping up, this is where Scholarship is living for now). He is amazing and more amazing is the intense and genuine welcome we recieved from the kids and the administration. They are very proud or their resident and we even got to see the pictures from his 100th b-day party. Below, pictures from the beach (yes it´s pretty much always cloudy there and we love it after the sunny summer we had), as well as several of Miguelito and some of the cutest little boys in town. And for the record...the teacher made me sit on Miguelito. She practicaly held me down and then Mark convinced me he is like a coffee table once he is lying down, so no harm done I guess. That is all for now. Miss you all.
xo Liz


Anonymous said...

Mark & Liz. Great journal! I can't believe how far you've traveled & what you've done since leaving Ventura Isle Marina.

Don't know if you're in contact w/ the other Morgan OI 50 (Hipnautical) but they'll be off in about 12 months too.

Don't know your e-mail so I'll just post here.

Anonymous said...

My Cousins artudo,ruben, lupe, carlos,trini and ruben