Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gone Fishin´

Or out to lunch or whatever you want to call it. We are off in the morning to the Marquessas. After almost 30 days in the Galapagos we are out of here. Our last stop was Isla Isabella where we enjoyed lots more wildlife including small penguins fishing under our boat on a daily basis and a lagoon filled with hundreds of large sea turtles. No pictures this time as this place only has painfully slow dial-up. No uploading here so they will have to wait. They will be the last pictures for awhile as my trusty Sony Cybershot has gone to the great electronics store in the sky. No backup? Yeah, that right. Sad I know, so no more until I get a new one or it magically comes to life or one of you brings us one in French Ploynesia. On to the good. We have 3000 miles and reports of good winds out there. We are traveling with other boats for safety and fun. Although we will mostly just be in contact by radio. We are not likely to see much of each other with varying speeds etc. But radio contact is propagating over 1000 miles so that will be our connection to the world. We will talk to you on the other side in about a month or so.
We speak French Au Revoir!!!

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Roger Curley said...

As I write this you are probably almost to the Marquieses, the longest passage ever & possible the coolest passage on the planet:-) We'll be following in your wake this Oct:-) Fair winds!!!
Roger, Bobbie Jo & swobby Robby