Sunday, May 20, 2007

Isla Isabella, Galapagos

The largest of the Galapagos, Isabella is also the most wild. There is little development on the island and abundant wildlife. I could not move on to French Polynesia without including pictures from our last days at the Galapagos. The highlight for me was all the penguins. They were constantly crusing around the anchorage and made an interesting cooing sound that alerted us to their presence. I even got the opportunity to snorkel with one penguin as he circled me at warp speed. I am sure he was trying to work out what I was doing there. We also took a a day tour of the lava tunnels on the south side of the island and cruised through a lagoon absolutely full of sea turtles. They too circled the boat curiously.

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nigelthecat said...

That penquin is SO cute! I want you to brin me one home!!
I miss you Lizkins!
Hugs, Kari