Friday, February 15, 2008

What's Up in Tauranga

In the past few weeks in Tauranga we have gotten to know the city a bit. We have decided to stay a few months, as we have made arrangements to haul Scholarship out of the water for some repairs. Below, a few pictures from last week.

The view from the summit of Mt. Manganui

Liz & Poki scale Mount Manganui

Happy sampling at the Mills Reef Winery

Treats from the Tauranga Farmers Market

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kris said...

From the first picture I saw of you, Liz, I recognized have your Mom's smile,even behind those shades (w/Poki) on that mountain top. Your Grandpa Sherry was here yesterday and showed me the "Scholarship" voyage;he is TREMENDOUSLY proud of you.
I'll back up; I'm Kris Aspenson, ( and I'm Cindy's first-cousin. My Mom, Esther, is Adrian's youngest sister; and I'm the same age as your uncle Carl,(goin' on 48) though he is much better-looking. (skin deep - hee, hee, hee !)
Adrian stopped by Mom's to visit yesterday (Sun, 24 Feb 2008) and while they visited, I was in the next room on the computer. When your Grandpa was ready to leave, he said I should access your story and I think it's fantastic !

sidebar: My Mom is in hospice care in the last chapter of her life and her full-time companion Don Erickson is taking a well-deserved break to visit family in central Minn for several days, so my wife Karen & I are providing the bulk of Mom's care (along w/hospice personnel) and a couple other family members are spelling us in the mid-day as we have job responsibilities, too. This leads to lots of computer time when Mom is sleeping...the morphine keeps most of the pain away and the Lorazepam helps her relax and sleep.

Anyway, the pictures and story of your adventure are very interesting (and I'm just beginning) and I believe they'll make a great book or movie someday. You'll be famous and I'll be able to say "I almost remember her from 25 years ago !"
The way things are in life today, contact w/ extended family is rare and I think your blog could help some of us at least try to keep that up...when one's mother is dying family, heritage, and our history become more fragile and more easily lost.

I decided to start a blog (and maybe I'll even write on it occasionally) to maybe get some of my own thoughts "out there" for the world to see. Nowhere near as exciting or adventurous as yours, but I'm not what you'd call the competitive type (leave that to Carl.) My most important things are my wife & kids (son Kris II - 18, and Daughter Katerina - 14, wife Karen - 46) my home farm (ours and the Bank's) and the freedoms that we enjoy here.

It's been said that once your kids are in high school, the raisin' up is all done;they are who they will be (for the most part) by then so Karen & I are entering a new phase of life as well...we believe we've done well by our children - time will tell.

For now, we will thank God for His blessings and deal with each day as it comes.

I encourage you to keep this blog up and I'll try and follow you some and see what I can learn through your eyes.

Before I go, I'd like to tell you that I admired your Grandma Sal very much...she accomplished alot in her career and life and is remebered fondly by many people. She had alotta class and I believe she lived her life on her terms; something we can all aspire to emulate.

until next time -

Kris Aspenson

14432 Uglum Road
Ferryville, WI 54628