Tuesday, April 01, 2008


It took us 2.5 years to get to New Zealand and only 12 hours to get back to California. We arrived in Los Angeles after a fairly painless flight to a gorgeous sunny day. We spent two days with my brother Matt who was kind enough to collect us at the airport. Below is a photo of me, Matt and Phronsie modeling his collection of hoodies on a cold spring night in LA.

After a short drive we arrived in San Diego for a brief visit with our dear friends the Frickers. It was wonderful to see them and amazing how big our little pals Zoe and Millie have gotten since we have been away. We had a great night of Thai food and even got to visit with our friend Gwen her two kids Maddie and Jack as well. Just like old times.

After a drive through the desert we arrived in Phoenix for a three week visit. Lucky for us, Mark's niece Maggie was on spring break so we had lots of time together. We spent lots of time cleaning out our shed and running errands but still had plenty of time for hiking Squaw Peak and going out to all our favorite old places. Marks Mom was kind enough to host us.
A few appetizers at T Cooks with Maggie and Margaret
Maggie's first climb to the top of the peak

Lisa, Liz and Karena in Karena's new beautiful backyard

Lisa and Damond, these two came all the way from Vegas to see us
Mark and I giggling with Ray and Tracey Mark and I with some of his oldest friends
Margaret and Marie all decked out for St. Pattys Day

After the Biltmore Easter egg hunt My Dad and cousin Megan celebrating Easter birthdays together
Charlie, Megan, Amy and Uncle Bud getting ready from some cake

The newleyweds, Josh and Karena

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