Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Way Home

After over six weeks in the US it was time to head home. Now when I say home, what I mean is that home is where Scholarship is. Right now that happens to be New Zealand. My twelve hour flight to New Zealand left from Los Angeles which meant that I got to spend more time in Manhattan Beach with my brother Matt before heading the 7000 miles back to New Zealand. I arrived on a Friday morning and we had a fantastic weekend of riding bikes at the beach, shopping a bit for last minute things and we even got to have Mexican food with my cousin Charlie and his wife Johanna. Monday night I was back at the airport boarding Qantas and relieved to find out that I had three whole seats to myself. The trip went fairly fast and I arrived two days later (because of the day I gave up at the international dateline) to a very brisk morning in Auckland. Ahhhh.. the adventure continues.

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