Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sau-i-lau, Yasawas

After crossing the Bligh waters, a stretch of water that can be notorious for swift winds we arrived safely on a cloudy day in the Yasawa Islands. The Yasawa islands are Fiji's crown jewels and a place that not many tourists get to see save for mini cruise ships or flying in on a small plane. Our first anchorage was near the Sau-i-lau limestone cave. The cave had crystal clear water for swimming and a resident eel. Every morning a small boat load of tourists would come from other islands to see the cave and snorkel.
When we arrived in the anchorage we paid our respects to the nearby village by diligently delivering our kava. Again there was no chief and the kava was accepted by the chiefs brothers cousin or something like that. We were welcomed and given a short tour of the village. Several women offered to bake us fresh bread for two dollars a loaf, and we arranged to come back the following day to take a look at the handicrafts of the village.
Except for a bit of high winds that kept us there an extra few days we had a lovely visit and the snorkeling was great. I saw my first banded sea crate (poisonous sea snake) of the season.
In the village Mark and Katie with the chief's fill in that day
Sau-i-lau cave

Scholarship anchored next to the cave
One of the mini cruise ships were shared the Yasawas with

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