Friday, August 21, 2009

Mothey Fiji

Mothey is Fijian for goodbye and our time in Fiji is quickly coming to a close. On Monday we will set sail for Vanuatu. Our plan is to arrive in three to four days at the island of Tanna home of the famous Mount Yasur volcano. During our last days in Fiji we have gotten in a bit more snorkeling, had one more Fijian feast and we also got a surprise visitor. Our friend Sean arrived a few days ago from Phoenix. Not only do we have a fun guest but we also have crew for our passage.
See you in Vanuatu!

Dancing at Likuri island


heather said...

what is the photo you are holding? im sure by now you can shimmy and shake like the best of them

Anonymous said...

The video is very cool--makes you want to shake it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ylm