Tuesday, September 01, 2009


After a four day long boisterous sail from Fiji, we made landfall at Port Resolution on the island of Tanna. One of Vanuatu's 83 islands, Tanna is home to the famous and active Mount Yasur volcano. But before the volcano, we had to get checked in to the country. Our first adventure was a two hour pick-up truck ride to the village of Lenekal to visit customs, quarantine and immigration. After we were "official" we enjoyed the local market and even got to see a local wedding on the way back to Port Resolution. So far we are really enjoying Vanuatu. It is an exotic place for us and the people are lovely. The pictures below of our first few days speak fore themselves. Next entry, The Volcano!! Waiting for the bank to open and enjoying Mark's breakfast sandwiches
Tanna baskets Woman in Mother Hubbard dress Taro root and banana leaf baskets
Ni-Vanuatu wedding

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