Monday, September 07, 2009

Mt. Yasur

Our second full day at Tanna Island, and it was time to see Mt. Yasur one of the most accessible, active volcanoes in the world. So accessible in fact that four wheel drive vehicles get within 150 meters of the craters rim. After a walk through Port Resolution village and then a 45 min. truck ride we arrived in the car park of the volcano. The huge sand dunes of ash looked like they belong on the moon and instantly you can hear rumble of Yasur's fiery belly. We arrived around 4:30 pm so we were able to see the volcano as it gradually got darker. When we first arrived we peeked over the edge and were pushed back by the extremely loud percussive noise. It was amazing. As it got darker we crawled up higher so we could see straight down into the volcano. Huge red-hot boulders and ash shot up into the air as we took photo after photo while trying to always look up for renegade rocks that could vaporize a person in an instant. Sounds cool huh? It was. Check out the video I took at the bottom.

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