Monday, June 12, 2006

Chichicastenango...easy for you to say

Chichi was our next stop after Antigua and is a beautiful little city in the Guatemalan Highlands. Best known for it's huge market of Mayan crafts, we spent the day here wandering the stalls and even got to view some of their ceremonial rituals. I did quite a bit of shopping, only curbed by the fact that I live on a boat and have no more room as it is. We spent the day with our friends from Rosebud and had a great lunch comparing all the fun stuff we had aquired.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark and Liz,
Love the title of your posting and the photos are great. Keep them coming!! When I really miss you, I look at ALL of them--quite often. Happy Birthday tomorrow, Lizzie!!!!!
Love, YLM

Anonymous said...


Lane here.............I have the place to myself for awhile so I am taking the time to get in touch with you. Mark, your mom has been so kind to let me work for her, I have been having a lot of fun at her place and earing extra cash, she let me know about your wonderful adventure with the yacht trip, glad you had a period of luxury, you both deserve it! Liz, I start college in September, got gov $, 4,000.00 a quarter.

Much love to both of you, stay wet!