Saturday, June 10, 2006

Where are we?

This a question I have been asking a lot. The answer today is Puesta del Sol Marina. We just arrived home (Scholarship) after a two week trip to Ecuador and Isla del Coco in Costa Rica. In the past month we have been in five countries and each new experience amazes me.
Just as we arrived in Nicaragua (the first time) and I was getting ready to post a blog entry about our wonderful trip to Guatemala, our plans changed. In El Salvador we met a couple from NY who own a luxurious 80ft. sailing yacht by the name of Leonore. Little did we know that two weeks later we would be invited aboard to help sail Leonore down to Salinas, Ecuador. Just 3 days after arriving in Nicaragua we set sail again. This time as crew. But let me back up.... Here are a few pictures from Puesta del Sol. It is a little paradise with two pools one of which is a short hike for the marina and overlooks the ocean. The one on the right is Mark in the pool (with Leonore in the background). Puesta del Sol will be our last stop before we head into Costa Rica. But before all that tune in for the next entry... all about Guatemala. Because I have to do this thing in order.....L.

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