Wednesday, September 10, 2008


A gorgeous sun shiny day. That is Mount Maunganui in the background
The other day we decided to uncover our neglected BBQ since the day was sunny and it seemed kind of springy. By nightfall it was freezing! I guess we had forgotten that in New Zealand even the summer nights are cold. Anyway, here are a few photos with a view of our "backyard". Oh and the last of the remodel photos. This is our aft cabin and just in case you have never been aboard, the walls had carpet! Mark grilling some veggies


Anonymous said...

Looks great--can't wait to sleep there!! YLM

Anonymous said...

cool digs dudes. like all the shiny white walls and love the duvet cover. i was just thinking yesterday, hum we dont have a bbq, guess its not a usual fair here. oh the lit'l things one comes used to and then misses when no longer apart of my daily life. so rain or shine you have to have a braai for us at least once a week-plenty of the same here in ireland, i can wear bikini on the south side of our new house in the sun but the north side...burrrr, need to be bundled up from teh brisk wind blowing.
gonna write a long email soon.