Friday, September 26, 2008

Tamaki Makaurau

Tamaki Makaurau is the Maori name for Auckland and means "desired by many." Since ancient times Auckland was just that. Maori settled here because of the natural waterways on both sides of the city. Everywhere you look there is water or lovely green spaces. Kiwis who are not from Auckland will typically tell you they don't like Auckland. They think it is too big and rushed. I wonder how they would feel in Phoenix? As someone who considers herself a city girl, I love Auckland. The tall buildings, the hub bub, the kebabs and sushi on every corner. Auckland has a large Asian influence mainly from the thousands of students from a number of Asian countries. Friends of ours discovered an Asian Food Court in middle of the city and we made it there last time. There must be thirty different restaurants to choose from. You can have everything from Indian food to Phad Thai to bento boxes all within a few square feet. It's cheap too. A great place to go in a group, as no one has to compromise. Besides eating we spent our three day weekend taking in a show at the Sky Tower Theater, walking a lot and even doing some touristy things like the Sky Tower and the Auckland Museum. The museum was loaded with cool history of New Zealand as well other Pacific Islands.

An old Americas Cup boat full of tourists leaving Viaduct Harbour for a 2 hour sail

Auckland ferry terminal
Sky Tower, it was going on sunset
The glass floors from the top of the tower, blah I look photo-shopped in ,that is the Auckland Harbour bridge in the distanceInside the observaton deck The Auckland Museum
Mark and a pre historic penguin, apparently they have scaled down in size over the years


Anonymous said...

I loved Auckland but those glass panels in the tower floor scared me I had jelly legs up there LOL

Anonymous said...

You do look photoshopped in on that one photo! How funny!