Friday, January 27, 2006

Isla Isabela

After we left Mazatlan our first stop was 80 miles southeast to Isla Isabela. Isla Isabela is a Mexican national park and an amazing one at that!! An island with no infrastructure except for a small fishing village, Isabela is home to hundreds of thousands of birds and their nestlings. You literally walk through groves of trees with huge birds and their babies right at eye level. The two photos above are a baby booby bird and a baby firgate respectively. So adorable and amazing how they just let you pass right by with little or no reaction. In a way it was a bit creepy, the person to bird ratio,but then I have seen that Alfred Hitchcock movie more than once! The island is also part jungle complete with banana groves and a crater lake. We could have spent days exploring but the drawback of the island was the anchorage was know as an "anchor eater". This is no place to linger on a sailboat. That all for entry...San Blas where the jungle meets the ocean.
xo Liz

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Snorkeling Pictures from the Sea of Cortez

We are in Mazatlan now but above are a few shots from our xmas and new years trip to Espiritu Santo in the Sea of Cortez. I have a waterproof case for my digital camera and Mark has and underwater video so we had a lot of fun filming and watching later. That was our night time entertainment along with lots of stargazing and scrabble. The last picture is my favorite..just because it is a puffer fish (Balloonfish). Anyway they were everywhere and swam around our dinghy and our rudder and they were very curious when I was snorkeling. This guy came right at me. They are so cute. Mark told me I could not keep one in the bathtub. Still no pets on Rouge's Scholarship. More soon. Thanks for all your comments.
Hasta Pasta, Liz & Mark