Friday, August 29, 2008

A New Head, Nip Tuck Part II

The seventies called and they wanted their bathroom back. Scholarship is a gal of 32. Since we are roughly the same age I could appreciate her retro decor but still it was time for a change. Since termites feasted on our bathroom hatch, and some of it was just plain ugly we had it all tidied up. We added a new sink, counter top, mirrors and white tongue and groove paneling. We just plain love it. Check out during and after! Yes we still have the mustard yellow tub. Hard to replace so we will just have celebrate this old fashioned touch.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Scholarship Nip Tuck Part I

For the last month we have been living in a rented house by the beach. Not bad, but not home! The reason for this was Scholarship's new look. Because she was a bit leaky we had to dig deep into some of her myrtle teak to find the problem. While we were repairing her leaks we also decided to give her a new look and lighten up the room a bit. Mark always likens Scholarship to a Gentlemen's Smoking Club so we removed some of her rope trim and painted the ceiling white. Below are some before, during and after photos. We also remodeled the entire back cabin including the head which was a huge job. And when I say "we", I mean the boat builders. She is still a bit puffy but doing fine and we will post more photos when the swelling goes down from her plastic surgery. XO Liz & Mark

The finished product. Sorry, it's hard to get a shot of the whole room