Monday, January 22, 2007

New Look for Scholarship

Before the new paint
Every two years Scholarship needs her bottom painted to help protect her from all the nasty things in the ocean that may attach themselves to her. Since we have been in very warm water things are growing on the hull constantly so getting out there and scrubbing is a pretty regular thing. This time after a thorough cleaning she was painted red and looks fabulous. It was a little scary hauling out all 28 tons on to the rail at the Balboa Yacht Club in Panama City. As I write this I am sitting at an angle as we are dropping her (gently) back in the water this evening at high tide. Not much else to report. We have been enjoying Panama and been kept busy by projects and lots of provisioning. In three days time, my brother and a friend will arrive and we will take them for a trip out to the Las Perlas Islands. The week after, a visit from my mom and stepdad. I knew those pictures of the Perlas in the last blog would entice visitors. Hope everyone is well and enjoying a mild winter.
Liz & Mark

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!

The beach at Isla Espiritu Santo

Happy Holidays from the Las Perlas islands. We are lucky enough to have just spent almost two weeks exploring this amazing part of Panama. With our good friends on Creola we have had yummy holiday feasts and even a new years eve game of bocce ball. We have spent most of our time in the 80 degree water and we have the pruney skin to prove it. We are currently enroute to Panama City to do some provisioning and get the bottom of Scholarship painted.
Hope you all had happy holidays and we wish you all the best in the new year. Liz & Mark