Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gratuitous Baby Photos

On the Brisbane river for the work xmas party
jaunty Christmas bow
no reindeer or babies were hurt in the making of this photo
rocking her Santa suit
Before she was born we used to joke that we would be spending the next few years sitting around staring at the baby. How true it is.  Never have we met a more fascinating being.  
                 A Very Merry Christmas 2011 from Liz, Mark and Dylan Claire. xx

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our little American

Posing with the flag!
Watch out world, I have my passport!
Being born in a foreign country does not guarantee citizenship.  Australia has strict immigration policies (after all we are boat people) and citizenship could only be awarded to Dylan after she celebrated her tenth birthday in Australia. We are happy with her being a plain old American but because everything requires paperwork,  our little Dylan was without country for the first few months while we got her papers in order and waited for our appointment.  Last week we visited the US Consulate in Brisbane to sign documents and complete her application for citizenship, social security and her passport.  She wore her patriotic colors for the occasion.