Saturday, May 15, 2010

Moreton Island

In late March we decided to take Scholarship out of her comfortable slip and go for a sail.  Our destination was Moreton Island, which lies about 10 nautical miles to the east.  The bay we dropped the hook in is called Tangalooma.  A busy place, ferries and helicopters transport tourists to the various resorts all day long.  An interesting part of Tangalooma is the large man made breakwater.  Less than twenty years ago, about fifteen ships were sunk in a semi circle to form a (supposedly) calm anchorage.  Today the artificial reef is a habitat for lots of sea life.   You will almost always see divers and snorkelers nearby. We had a lovely time exploring the beaches and enjoying the wildlife.  There was even cold beer to be had on a very hot Australian day.

                               A kookaburra!!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Time for an update!

  • I was recently in the US and got the opportunity to visit with a lot of family and friends.   During this visit, they did remind me that I have been delinquent in my blogging.  Since Fraser Island way back in February we have been waiting.  Since we have decided to stay in Australia for awhile, work visas were in order.  We spent the last few months dealing with paperwork and hiding from the intense heat and sun of a Queensland summer.  The good news is that we were successful.  We were both granted visas and Mark has been working for a little over a month at his brand new dental office.  I just spent three weeks in the US.  I spent a little time in California but most of my visit this time was to the Midwest.  It was a fantastic trip but now I am ready to settle in to our new life here. For a little while anyway!   These photos are of one of the prettier sunsets we have had here in Scholarship's backyard!