Friday, March 25, 2011

All 28 tons swinging in the slings
Where she got bumped

All wrapped up
New bottom paint and shiny hull
Font-tastic new name
Back in the water
When we first heard our cherished home was at the receiving end of a run-away  fifteen ton yacht we were alarmed , shocked and fighting mad.  Now several months and one insurance payment later Scholarship is better than  new and looking quite smart.  We lived on land for over three weeks in a little cabin with a very cold air conditioner during the hottest part of Queensland summer.  Check out her new font. 

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Our little wedding party, the Haleys and the Frickers

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I love the sailboat cruising by
We now have all of our wedding photos and since they are so beautiful I felt like I must share a few more before they become another part of history.  Our photographer was Jennifer Skabo from Hobart, Tasmania.  She was awesome!