Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Catch Up, Part I

We spent three months sailing Indonesia and I feel compelled to back up a bit and blog more about some of the wonderful places we visited.  Bali was one of them, and after almost six months in South East Asia I can say it was definitely one of the highlights.  Because we had heard mixed reviews (mostly unfavorable) about the anchorages and the marina is Bali we decided to leave Scholarship on a mooring at the Medana Bay Yacht Club on the neighboring island of Lombok.  Medana Bay is a small marina that played host to part of the Sail Indonesia Rally.  The staff were friendly and after spending some high wind days on our mooring ball we decided it wasn't going anywhere and it was okay to leave Scholarship for a few weeks.  
After a one and half hour taxi ride we arrived at the Lombok Airport ready for our quick one hour flight to Bali.  Our flight was running late and as we finally started to board they stopped us at the gate and told us that we could not board.  The staff person at the gate had very limited English so could not explain why.  Dumbfounded we watched as all the other passengers filed past us to the tarmac while the gate keeper held us back.  It took a walk down to the service desk for another staff member to explain to us that the plane was not pressurized and they could not let a baby on board.  Our tickets clearly stated "infant" but now we were stuck at the Lombok airport for another three hours until the next flight.  Not sure what Dylan ate for breakfast but she promptly threw up on her dress and all over me.  Our holiday to Bali seemed a bit depressing so far.  It was then that Mark found the Sheraton Lounge.  There is a little corner of the Lombok Airport where the Lombok Sheraton has a brand spanking new lounge complete with clean and comfy couches and a buffet.  Buffets I could care less about, but the little private room to feed and change my baby was a plus.  As we relaxed in the lounge the time flew by and before we knew it we were in a taxi hurling toward Kuta Beach in Bali.
Waiting to fly to Bali (before puking and the aborted flight)
Dylan chills in the lounge