Friday, June 28, 2013

Adak Island, Alaska

Mark and his crew, Jennifer and David arrived at Adak Island on Wednesday!  After a very rough 20 days at sea they decided to stop in Adak, which on of the Aleutian Islands, for a much needed rest.  They had about five days of large and uncomfortable seas.  A big wave slammed Scholarship and soaked the engine room via the vents.  This prompted a saltwater soak of the battery charger.  As a result, it was dead and the back up battery charger was only working intermittently.  Mark and the crew were hand steering to save energy. They are now getting a well earned rest! Adak is an island with a military history.  At one time there were over 6000 military personnel living in this out-post.  Now there are about 150 people in this quiet spot.  Mark reports everyone to be very friendly and they have been invited over for a caribou bbq.  I am sure any new faces would be welcome at such an isolated place. Mark and the crew were hoping to depart on Saturday but it looks like another gale will keep them in port until Monday when they will head to Dutch Harbor on the island of Unalaska.  More soon. Liz

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