Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summertime in Alaska

Bears, bears, bears
Train ride from Anchorage to Seward
Just a quick update.  I keep asking Mark to write about his big journey and I know he will, but right now we are just enjoying being in Alaska. The last six weeks have been an amazing and scenic journey.  Dylan and I arrived in Anchorage to Mark's open arms on July 14th.  We spent a few days on board in Seward getting ready and then took off to the East.  We have been going nonstop ever since!  What a place, and what amazing weather we have had.  Just a few pictures to share...
Catch of the day, Seward
Dylan and Dad, Seward Harbor
Dylan and crew Kaitlin, bff's

Exit Glacier, near Seward 
Scholarship in Seward Harbor
family portrait


Mark T said...

You guys really get around! When you have too many salmon to eat let me know at and I'll cover you for a shipment of them to Flagstaff where Sam Date and I will have a grill-off (he says hello). Best Regards,
Mark Thurston

Clubtray Sailing said...

Salmon!!! Water just coming out of my mouth. Send some for me also.